Need Advice about Raising My First Ducks (Khaki Campbells)


7 Years
Sep 28, 2011
West Lnn, Oregon
I have a pasture area that is about 60 by 25 and inside are our hens-- maybe 60 play in there along with our two little Nigerian Goats.

I just got 4 baby ducks. They are under a heat lamp. My question is what is the best way to keep them after that:

They could be kept inside the bigger chicken coop, but the problem is that feeding would be less easy since they need the niacin mixed in with chicken food and the chickens do not.

They could have their duck house in the pasture. It already exists and just needs to be put together. It is just a small coop.

Or they could have this duck house next to a kiddy pool in our yard. Then they would run around the yard.

Which is best. I am afraid that putting their pool inside the pasture would result in it becoming too muddy. They most likely are going to be messy. However, if they are outside the pasture, they will run everywhere. Will they tear things up? Will they drop manure around?

What should I do? I could build another sort of run for them, but if they can fly up to 8 feet up, that would be an expensive space and building would be expensive, too, since I am not really handy and would need to hire someone.

What would work best? Our yard is not tidy, and our veg garden is fenced about 6 feet tall,

I am also afraid they might run down to the river which runs at the western end of our land for 400 feet. I do not care really unless they choose to swim off and not come home. Will they do that?

Should I get someone to teach me to trim their wings so they do not fly and put them inside.


Aug 28, 2016
Memphis, TN
First, only one of my Khakis was able to fly over a six foot privacy fence and only when she was young and thin. I simply followed instructions I found on this site to clip one of her wings with a scissors. It was two years before she molted those feathers and by then she either forgot how to fly or was too heavy.
Second, all of your choices might work. However, you do not want male ducks with chickens. They can rape them and injure them. If it were me, I would have the duck house by the kiddie pool in the yard so I could watch them. Ducks are hilarious to watch. Ducks are messy but they don’t really tear things up. They more muck it up. They are masters at making and enjoying mud. They will damage small plants that they find tasty but they leave my shrubs and trees alone.
Hope this helps some.
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