Need advice on cuckoo maran


8 Years
Aug 9, 2011
I need as much advice as possible on this bird, really hope it is a girl, if it is a boy i will have to give it away, there is no way my neighbours will put up with it if it is a boy!! I just dont want to be too quick to give it away until im sure what it is!! 19-20 weeks old!!

No doubt that is a roo.... sorry
If that was a pullet with that red of combs and wattles she would be laying like crazy. Pullets would not have much of a comb at that age and would not be that red or that big. He is not crowing yet???? Mine have been crowing since they were about 2 mths old.
could it be a girl and be maybe older? no eggs yet, it was given to me nearly 2 weeks ago now! i was told that age!
It lets a loud like buck noise out seldomly, is that crowing
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I don't have cuckoo's but I do have marans and the roos were pretty obvious at 2 weeks by two months there was no doubt. No chance that is a girl sorry.

This is a blue copper marans roo


This is a pullet not the best pic but you will get the idea


not the lack of size and color in the comb and waddles. I have 9 marans roo and 5 pullets and I know roos!!!


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