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My husband and I are building our chickens run this weekend and trying to find a comfortable size for my 6 Barred rocks. The book I bought said to have 3-6 square feet per chicken. I was gonna go with 25 square feet do you think this will give them ample room?!?! Any advice would be great!
I think 150 sq feet would be great for your 6 chickens. I have 7 birds with about a 175 sq foot run and they are very content.
I was told to make our run 10 sq. ft per bird by several people. I will have 6 hens (have 8 chicks now) and think it looks like it will be lots of room for them...... Unfortunately, my coop is a tad small for 6 (only 20 sq. ft) but was also told the run area will compensate for the small coop as they spend more time out than in. Also will they have any free range area?
yes per bird..... we have a big coop for them and are building the run off of that. Yard is already all fenced in and I could let them out a few hours a day in the garden area but mostly need the run all covered to protect them from predators.
I had asked this question and here's the answer I got.

My coop area is 4 x12 = 48 4 sq ft per chicken = 12 chickens
run area is 12 x 20 = 240 10 sq ft per chicken = 24 chickens.

I am getting 10 chickens so this should be good for them:)
I just want to say thank you to everyone for the advice. My husband and I finally built it and went a little bigger than they need but they will definitely be happy. We built it 32 x 12 so its actually 384 square feet! I know a lot but we had the room in the yard and that way if we get more someday there will be room! We did all the walls and are now working on the roof and burying some chicken wire underground along the walls so no predators can dig in. I have attached some pictures so take a look!

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