Need advice on using Tylan for respiratory illnes

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    I have a flock of 6 laying hens. 2 of them are showing signs of a respiratory condition. One is mouthbreathing and making little cheeping sounds. She has been like this for a couple of weeks. Thought at first it might be the heat. She is active and eats well, poop is ok, no nasal discharge but some head shaking occasionally. Last night another chicken was making loud breathing noises. So I'm sure they have a respiratory illness. After reading a lot of posts here on the forum, it seems that Tylan is one of the preferred treatments. My local Ag supply does not carry it, but I can order it on line. It comes as an injectable and as a soluble powder. Is the powder as effective as the injections? The injectable does not mention use in chickens, but the powder says not to use in laying chickens. In posts discussing the use of Terramycin, it was suggested that you not eat the eggs for 7 days after treatment. Is it the same with the Tylan? I would appreciate any advice. I have purchased Tetracycline and am using it in the water until I can find something better, unless this clears it up.
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    Tylan injectable works faster than the powder in my experience, plus it is a lot cheaper. Terramyicyn is really only for minor colds, doesn't put a dent in Resp. illness. I use tylan 50 because that is what is easily found at my TSC or feed store. Depending on the size of my bird I use between 1/4cc - 1/2cc. Some people use up to 1cc on their birds. Someone else can give exact dose. If you listen to their lungs by putting your ear next to it you will hear weezing or crackeling, otherwise it is more of a nasel cold. Baytril also works very well but is expensive and to get pills you need a vet. You can buy it in liquid form from my pet bird on line. Good luck, well wishes
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    Tylan injectable is great if you have just one or two birds to treat but if you have a lot, its a pain.

    You can also use LA50 or LA 200 1/2cc per bantam. I have given 1cc of the LA 200 for a silkie twice a day even with being really sick and almost dead and had them recover. I did it that was as it was she would have died at that point and thought I better go over board if I wanted a shot at her living and it worked. Granted the higher dose could have killed her but I saw nothing to lose at that moment.

    I keep the powder on hand though and you use 1 TBS per gallon.

    Do not eat the eggs for at least two weeks.

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