NEED ADVICE *ROOKIE*...Incubator out of oven

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    Feb 17, 2013
    so my question here might sound really crazy,but can i make Incubator out of Oven?i mean it could be happening right?there are 2 factor to hatch chicken..heat and my oven heat can go lower then 10 highest is 250,and chicken need 38* to hacth and also oven can?!?!?!?right???? im still rookie,,,plesss any advice from fine BYC friends :)
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    I am no expert at incubators, but I would guess that the temperature controls on your oven are not tight enough to keep the 99.5 + - 0.5 degrees needed for the eggs.

    You may get more responses if you post this in a more appropriate forum category such as Raising Backyard Chickens - Incubating and Hatching Eggs.

    Good luck!

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