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    Oct 27, 2012
    okay,so my chicken dyied a month ago,she had a breathing now im worried of my other do i take care of a chicken with breathing problems and how do i prevent it from happening? thanks for the advise[​IMG]
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    Have you changed anything in the coop? Environment? Are they well ventilated? No cedar shavings at all ever?
    Did you use antibiotics with the last chicken you lost?
    Search on here for remedies to respiratory problems. Use the Search option at the top of the page.
    You can start with (always have) a clean coop.. clean it all out, keep it clean.. better to have the birds out of it when you "stir it up" to clean. Change the nesting materials, make sure there is no mold or other contaminates. Too much poop and waste not cleaned up can cause respiratory problems... as can cedar.
    One of the best antibiotics is Baytril.... you can buy it at the feed store.. it is an indictable. You can also get the syringes and needles (smaller ones) there as well. You will need a helper to catch, hold and inject under the skin in the breast (alternate sides each day) ..
    If your birds are standard size you can inject .5 (1/2) CC/ML per day into each chicken.
    You can separate the sick chickens and treat them for five days... but, if the sick chickens have been in with the flock, the infection is contagious and you may well want to treat the entire flock.
    You can also search and read up on Oxine and it's use as a mist to be inhaled.. via a vaporizer or light misting bottle sprayed over the heads of the birds to be inhaled.. in addition to the antibiotics.
    I am a bit rusty on these things.. so please.. use the search, search CRD... Baytril.... Oxine.. "treating respiratory infections", etc.. you will get more details and info from others.
    Remember that chickens try to hide their illnesses.. a weak bird can be "murdered" by the rest of the flock if they sense the illness is a threat to the flock.. another reason to separate sick birds. By the time you see that a bird is sick, it's generally very sick. Don't delay, treat seriously and completely.
    Only you can determine if this is environmental or illness. Also, if you introduced any new birds in the weeks before your flock, the previous bird showed illness.
    I am just trying to give you some ideas to further research. I was able to get "generic" Baytril from my feed store.. Baytril the name brand is a bit costly. There are other broad spectrum antibiotics that can be used, some have better results than others. With Baytril you do not have to withhold eggs for more than five days, if I remember right.
    Clean coop, fresh clean water and food everyday, and good ventilation help prevent problems.
    Best of luck. The best thing you can do is to read and learn and then act quickly in the morning to get what you need to treat the flock.
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    Oct 27, 2012
    thanks.helpd alot :)

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