need dosage conversion help!

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    Apr 27, 2014
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    How do I convert a flock dosage into at home use? The ratio is one packet (107 g. Or 3.77 ounces) to 100 gallons of water.
    I would like to make 1 gallon at a time. How much mediction do I use?
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    Lacking a gram scale? A current U.S. penny weighs exactly 2.5 grams - cobble together a little hanging, or stick, balance - penny on one side/add med powder to the other until both sides balance, halve that pile of powder and add one of those piles to a gallon of water: So, instead of getting Exactly 1.07gm they'll get ~1.25gm.per gallon.

    More exacting (maybe they list the med):
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