Need Emergency Help Legbar 9 week old with broken wing i feel sooooo stupid

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    I need help

    how do i banage up a broken wing

    basically i decided to remove my legbar and coop him seperatly and trying to catch him was crazy he jumped from the coop and then ran under teh copps legs

    i managed to get my hand under and grab him as i pulled him out i put my other hand onto his what i thought was his saddle so to subdue him but seemed to have placed my hand a little higher

    now never have i experienced this in chicken before and i was delicate with him

    my hand that was on his sadle/hackle area must have pressed to hard as i head a crack

    i freeked obviosly and decided to examine

    i could clearly feel the break in his wing the upper wing bone [in humans the bicep/tricep bone]

    what i wanna ask is how do i bandage it up and do i use normal bandage or the strchy vet wrap

    please i need help asap


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    It happens. Don't beat yourself up too badly over it.

    The wing needs to be placed in a neutral position, aligning the broken ends of the bone up as straight as possible. You may need to splint this in 2 parts- one part securing the bone together, and the other part securing the wing to the body. Splint the broken bone as loosely as you can while still maintaining the alignment because it is going to swell quite a bit and you don't want to impede the circulation. Once the bone is splinted wrap the wing up to the body where it normally should be held. Vet Wrap works wonders for this part.

    Get ready to have a house chicken for a month or 2. The bird will need to be kept inside where it can be safe from its peers and where its bandages can stay relatively clean. You will probably need to check the bandages each day to ensure there are no pinches, but it can probably remain on for a week at a time. Each week you can change the splints and wrapping as needed, but if they are not too dirty or too loose/tight I would let them be as much as possible. After about 4 weeks re-check the break and see if it is healing/healed. You may be able to remove the splint if it is healed, but keep the wing wrapped up to the body for an additional couple weeks to a month. After that the wing should be good. It may hang a little lower, but that shouldn't cause any big problems.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.
  3. Habibs Hens

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    thanks thats great advice

    i have since vet wrapped the wing in its normal position

    i was lucky i didnt need to splint it as upon feeling it seems to be sitting in its correct place and only when i feel i can move it out of place and then again it moves back to its correct place

    he seems to be doing well and doesnt show signs of pain

    he is a bit upset i can tell as he not his usual self but i think it should heal just fine

    i have had chicken in teh house for a while now so another adition shouldnt be a problem

    Thanks for the advice

    i just feel so stupid

    on a side note does anyone know why my roo is soo weak and why his wing snapped
    is there anything i can give him to help strengthen his bones as in all the years i have had chicken and mainly meat birds i have never once snapped a wing and i used to hold the wings during culling

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