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    Sep 4, 2011
    Hi, I'm updating an online training course on care and handling of poultry and could use some pictures. We had chickens for a few years, but lost all of them to a raccoon this fall. So, I'm just checking to see if the BackYard Community has any photos to share.

    Pictures of
    • turkey(s)
    • chicken(s)
    • bird housing showing less than 12 chickens
    • flocks of no more than 1 rooster to 12 hens
    • close-ups of chick and/or turkey nails (good condition and/or overgrown condition)
    • molting bird
    • bird being transported in either a wire cage, cat carrier, or cardboard box with ventilation holes
    • holding a bird with a cloth over her head to calm her
    • holding a bird with wings held together over the back, legs supported/held by the fingers.

    We are non-profit university and I don't have a photography budget. These pictures will be used in legally mandated training of students and hired caretakers. Some may have some farming background, but may not always know right way to do things. I can give credit for the photo(s) within the course.

    If you have any photos you are willing to share, just post them here and/or email me a link or the actual file.

    Thanks for considering this!


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