Need help aging and confirming breeds of my daughters new chicks.


6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Hi everyone
Long story short went camping with the family and came home with 3 chicks on aug 31 from a farm store. Cornish rock cross. Lived in the mid west when I was kid and had chickens, ducks, and rabbits ect... that we raised and butchered. Came home and researched that we could have chickens so I told the girls we would get some more. Purchased 13 more chicks from a local breeder on sept. 8. 10 were new hatch lings all the breeds were together and three are older and in a outside heated coop. I took some pics this morning.

#1 rock cross current aka fuzz butt

#2 rock cross current aka fluff butt

rock cross # 3 current aka no butt

Okay the next 3 are the older purchases 9/8 Breeder said they were ameraucana's

#2 about half the size

#3 Lighter color

These two 9/8 under a week old ameraucana

These two were told were lavender


2 brahma

2 Australorps aka happy feet

It's been some years since I have been around chickens and we never had layers that were not already adults and only meat chicks. Any Information would be great(breed,color,age,tips) I'm housing them in 2 separate containers in the laundry room for now on pine shavings with a heat lamp and feeding medicated starter. I can only hope there's no rosters. Big difference when living in a township.
the ones sold to you as ameraucanas are easter eggers. And I dont know if you know this or not, but cornish cross are not chickens you keep as pets. They are for butchering. And the longest I have ever heard of one staying alive is 1year and I find that amazing. They will get so big that their legs will break from underneath them, they will have heart problems and get tumors if you do not butcher them at the right age.
Love the fast response!!!! some forums it takes days to get a reply. The rock crosses were the first deal I made she could raise them for thanksgiving and then I would get her some more. Same went for the two rabbits she begged for any bunnies are for sale or meat. How long before I know the sex of the EE's and are the other breeds on target? My daughters are teens and young adults wanted to show them the basics of some self sufficiency: gardening, using tools, fishing and raising some live stock.
if you post again or pm me at 6-8 weeks old I can help you sex the EEs.alll the others are right. I am not sure what breed the lavender ones are, maybe lav orps. But I am not positive on that one
Thanks I appreciate it. I plan on taking a lot of pics. My sister wants some for my nieces and nephews so i'll probably order some pullets from a hatchery and keep a couple since i'm sure some are gonna be roos. do you apporx. how old many weeks the older EEs are?

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