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Jun 1, 2021
Central Vermont
I need guidance ASAP.

All six of my 4 week khaki campbells have taken ill. I first noticed they were quieter than normal yesterday but we had storms rolling in and I figured it was that. It may have started earlier but I was nursing a sick dog and also just got my COVID vaccine and got sick from it myself.

Today they weren’t grazing at all, barely eating their feed and only interested in dried soldier fly larvae. Their poop doesn’t have much solid in it and seems whiter than normal. They are drinking but not really trying to clean their nares.

The worst of them was lying away from the others. I went out to get emergency supplies and either the other ducklings or the chickens pecked it’s eye which is bleeding. It is also very raspy and audibly coughs up what sounds like mucus.

I’ve been keeping them in a pen outside with a kiddy pool for the last 1.5 weeks or so. At night I keep them in a dog crate in my greenhouse.

Right now they are in my house in their crate. I have a hea I have a gallon water with ACV and a vitamin/electrolyte mix. I took some of it in a smaller bowl and added some maple syrup to give the sickest and also let all of them take a drink from it. I’ve had the sickest one in my lap because another one kept pecking its eye. I have opened a container of Vicks vapo rub to try to break up some of the congestion (not putting it on the duck).

I’m attaching some videos of them. I can’t afford a vet for all six or probably even one. I am looking for suggestions of what is wrong and what I should do. I’m afraid I’m going to lose them all.

I'm so sorry your ducks have fallen sick, Is it possible to take the sickest get medication for it and the others, Most likely if you take one in they will medicate all. Does it sound respiratory? A saline wash for the duck whose eye has been pecked. I'd say they do need a vet to diagnose because even if you ordered antibiotics online which you can they may not get to you on time to treat them. And then knowing what antibiotic to order would be another problem. Since your not sure what is going on. They haven't been out where they could have eaten anything toxic?
I don’t believe they’ve been around any toxins. It sounds respiratory to me. Very raspy and congested and the sickest sounds like it’s coughing things up. I’ve isolated the sicker one in a carrier so the others can’t peck it but it can see them. It’s gotten worse and can’t or won’t walk and won’t hold its head up. It was drinking a little while ago. I may be able to take the sickest to the vet tomorrow - they are all closed right now but I don’t know if it will make it to the morning. It seems to be going downhill fast.

I have flushed the eye a couple times with contact lens solution - it’s the closest thing to a saline solution I have.
It sounds like they may have coccidiosis since you said the poop was watery… mucus like poops are a symptom. I would start treating them with Corid asap
I don’t think it’s coccidosis. I mean maybe but it sounds more like something to do with the upper respiratory tract especially with the coughing up things. Watery poop can just mean it’s not eating much. I doubt you have Oxine ah which can treat respiratory illness? Do you have any human antibiotics? @casportpony @Isaac 0 any ideas till she can get her duck into the vet?
I believe the mucus the duckling is coughing up.
I’m not wanting to sound heartless in saying this but if this duckling doesn’t make it, I’d def get the next sickest into the vet so hopefully you have a chance in saving the rest. I’m sure wishing I knew something that would help this one. Other than keeping him warm and trying to get him to take sips of water. Just be careful he doesn’t aspirate.
I have some amoxydrops which are amoxicillin for dogs and cats. I gave the sickest a slightly smaller dose than I would a 1lb ferret. I might give a bit more later. I’m not sure how much it actually swallowed. It was drinking when I first posted but now doesn’t want to drink. I got it to swallow a bit of water with the antibiotic but not much.

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