Need Help - Birds eating eggs


11 Years
May 8, 2008
Cottage Grove, OR
We've been having an egg eating problem over the last few months. We have been finding broken eggs every once in a while in the nest boxes. At first I thought it was our chickens had started eating the eggs and I wasn't too happy about that.

About 2 months ago I walked in the coop and a starling flew out of one of the nest boxes and up through a large opening in the ceiling. The coop is in my shop (old barn) and there were a lot of openings at the top. So I got some chicken wire and closed up all the openings thinking that would do it. And it did for about 2 weeks. Then the egg eating started again. My wife was outside working with our alpacas (right next to the opening of the coop) and noticed that some starlings were going in and out of the coop door. She went inside and there was a broken egg.

Our birds have full access to our 5 acres. They are not penned up. We have not lost one bird to predators so I don't want a caged run for them.

Can anybody give suggestions on how to keep the starlings out of the coop?



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