Need Help - Call Duck with sinus infection

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  1. I have a call duck drake that I am almost 100% sure he has a sinus infection. How do I treat this? I have never had to deal with this before. I have read to use Baytril injectable or Baytril pills, but I have no way of getting those around here as they require a prescription. Any other medicines work for sinus infections?
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    I know that sometimes if meds need a prescription you can just ask the local vet and they'd write you a prescription.

    I know that certain meds around here, need a prescription but not a diagnoses. Many horse owners carry banamine, which can only be obtained through a vet, but you just ask the vet and they give it to you to have on hand.

    It's worth a try.
  3. I went to check on him again, and I put him in the water, and he blew his nose out under the water, now his nose it all clear. I didnt feel any swelling, so maybe his nose was just clogged,

    There is some permit you can get in NY that allows you to buy needles and drugs without a prescription. I will have to look that up. its called a certificate of need.
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