Need help! Change the ordinance!


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Oct 20, 2018
Hi, I live in Amherst Township, Ohio and am fighting the good fight to try to change the ordinance to allow backyard chickens in parcels under 2 acres. If you all would, please sign our petition at (search save the chickens of amherst Township). Also, if you live here, please write a letter to your board of trustees voicing your support and come to the meeting. It is this coming Tuesday, Oct 24th, 2018. Thank you all for your support!
It blows my mind that in the city of Chicago, where most city lots are only 125x25 or smaller, very few are larger, (mine is larger woohoo) we are allowed to own chickens and roosters with no limit and rural or suburban areas are restricted. Seems very wrong.
Good luck.

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