Need help!!! Chick with lump in eye..

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Apr 26, 2015
OK I've been treating this chick for a week. The chick's started scratching and rubbing it's eye. I got vet rx and probiotic to help it, even antibiotic ointment.. All its done it take redness out and helped the itching. The lump is hard. We tried to remove it, it lifted some but we were scared it would take the eye out. Anyone ever seen this?!!! None of my other chick's have it.
I'm also going to buy tylan today.. If that doesn't help I guess it will just have a growth? It's still rubbing it but not digging with its nails... No there's no sign of respiratory issues.. I got some antibiotics for his water and for the eye today... Hoping that helps if not I guess he's out of luck :/
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It could be a swollen sinus from a respiratory infection, but it also could be a cyst or conjuctivitis from an eye infection. Are there any respiratory signs, such as sneezing, nasal drainage, gasping, or noisy breathing?
OK after antibiotic powder.. Antibiotic eye ointment and vet rx it's done absolutely nothing! I'm thinking it has a cherry eye.. Idk what else to do for it except had it cut out.

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