Need help confirming breed.....


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May 2, 2012
So I bought fertile eggs from a chicken breeder 22 days ago. She didn't want to sell me her Blue Orpingtons but had 16 (what she called) Silver Laced Sussex. They were solid white with black and silver necks. Since it was my first time incubating I went ahead and bought them. After the first week or so I candled them and saw that two were duds. Now 22 days later I have 14 chicks. I expected them to all be solid yellow. Only 6 of the 14 are yellow and the rest are a dark grey, with light grey and white. I looked up the Blue Orpington chicks and I think that is what they are. All the eggs were pencil marked Sussex. Can the white sussex with the black and silver necks be born dark like that?
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