Need Help Designing Copp

Have you been through all the posts here? There are lots of good ones!
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why dont you draw a sketch of what u kind of want it to look like and how big and we can help from there
purina has a free coop plan on its website i just searched purina coop and found it. i m building it right now and i ve never built anything before. it says it fits 8 standard size chickens. i have had to ask quite a few questions, like "what size nails do i need?" and how on earth do i attach the metal roof? ... and my dh sits there and laughs at me, but i m doing it! also i know o the virginia extension office's website they have free plans for a larger coop, their plans are pretty detailed looking. its hard to find free plans that are really plans and unfortunatly i have erased all my bookmarked ones now that i have a plan... i believe there is another detailed free plan at (do it yourself) have fun!

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