Need help fast! Name the ailment...


10 Years
May 20, 2009
Myakka City, Florida
I'm thinking she's either egg bound or maybe it's just the heat.

I have an 8 m. old barred rock who is sitting with her tail wilted and walking (when she absolutely has to) like she's drunk. Her color is fine. She drank a little when I put it in front of her. It's in the 90's here today but the other birds seem to be handling it okay. It's like this all summer and I've not had a problem in the past. So.... suggestions on what I should be treating her for?
Sounds like possible egg binding. Do a serch here under egg binding and it will give a lot of info. Basicly soak them in warm water to help relax the muscles, apply some KY, Mineral oil, etc.. into the vent area to try and lucubrate the passage. Also some calcium dissolved in water might help. Keep her in a dark quiet area.

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