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May 24, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I am brand new to raising chickens, brand new to this site, and this is my first post so please be gentle.
I incubated a mixed bunch of eggs and they hatched on March 22nd, so they are now 9 weeks old. The only information I was given about the eggs was that any five toed chicks were part silkie.

I have some guesses about what genders and breeds some of them are, but I would like your opinions since I'm sure you are much more knowledgable than my googling! I know that since they are mixes, the possibilities could be endless, but we are just looking for best guesses.

Chick #1- Banana Split
Gender- We think male because he has thicker legs than all the others, and is taller/bigger.
Breed- We think light brahma mix.

Chick #2- Caramel
Gender- We think female because she's very similar to Sunny as she is smaller than Banana Split and has thinner legs.
Breed- Some kind of brahma mix. Anyone have any ideas where all those feather patterns might come from?

Chick #3- Midnight
Gender- We think male because the tail feathers are green and we think they are getting longer.
Breed- We think Ameraucana mix because he has muffs and a beard. However, I read that Ameraucanas are pretty rare, so it seems unlikely. He also has some white specks on some feathers on his back and chest (you can see them a little bit in pictures 2 and 4).

Chick #4- Smoky
Gender- We think female, but now that her tail feathers are looking longer, we're doubting ourselves.
Breed- She has 5 toes, so she is supposedly part silkie. She looks like a blue Andalusian to me because of her lacing and shape. She is bossy, confident, and we think she's at the top of the pecking order right now. She always complains if we pick her up, but once we are holding her she calms down. From what I read this sounds similar to Andalusians' personality.

Chick #5- Stormy
Gender- We thought male for the longest time, but now we think maybe female?
Breed- We do not know. Do you think she's an Andalusian mix also? She has a different shape than Smoky and her lacing is less distinguished since she's darker. She also has a little bit of feathering on her legs.

Chick #6- Sunny
Gender- We think female because she's smaller than Banana Split and has thinner legs.
Breed- We think buff brahma mix.

I've attached pictures of the chicks at 8 and 9 weeks old. I've tried to provide adequate views of their tails, legs, combs, and coloring.

So my questions are:
What breed and gender do you think each of these chicks are?

I have TONS more pictures, so if you need me to provide different ones, please let me know.


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Caramel looks like a hatchery quality Buff Brahma, gender is hard to say, but I'm leaning towards pullet. Very strange color pattern so maybe some other breed is thrown in.
Smoky looks like a game bird of sorts because of her stance. How big is she? Her color is blue and she's a pullet.

Thank you so much for all of your replies! You have been super helpful! I'm also glad that we have so many pullets!

What is a game bird?
Smoky is the smallest of all them. Here are a few pictures for size comparisons.


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