Need Help Identifying Eggs!


6 Years
Sep 21, 2013
Richmond, VA
I've already posted this in the quail section of this website (, but it seems I need some more opinions. I recently acquired some hatching eggs, but I have no idea what they are! They came from a local farmers' market, but the egg supplier will not be back for another week or so, as his most of birds have gone into molt, apparently.

The eggs have similar coloring to quail eggs, but are too big to be quail. They're also shaped like guinea, but are apparently too small to be guinea eggs. I need to figure out what they are before they get too old to incubate! Any ideas?

Here are some pictures:

Here are two examples of the eggs next to a big sized chicken egg.

The eggs were separated into two groups- these bigger, oblong ones...

And these smaller, nubbier ones. Both types are light in color, with very little speckling on them. I will try and get some more pictures this afternoon, when school is over!

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