Need help Identifying these roos and hens


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Oct 8, 2009
The white ones came from the same straight run batch and the red came from a group of reds called "assorted pullets" which leads me to believe the reds are sex links. The white ones I don't know. They are all the same age. 5-6 months. The white has been laying one egg every single day since she started laying a month ago. The red hasn't laid yet.


The eggs are light brown. They appear very light tan with visible white speckling when first laid but darken within a day or two to a darker shade. They started out as barely making medium grade but have gotten larger and now tip the scales at large size. I had assumed all the whites were the same breed. They were identical (as far as I could tell) until the roosters started showing their male features and adding color. The red hen in the background then would also be a red star?
I just hatched a cross between the roos hsown and the white hen shown. The baby chick is yellow.
Like Princess said Top two are Red Sex-Links and in the bottom pic is a White Rock hen..

I'm not sure of the shade, but Rocks lay brown eggs so I'm guessing you have a Rock. We had Red Star males as packing peanuts in our first order, and they all grew to look like yours.
The red hen in the last pic looks like a Red Star female. RSLs also lay brown eggs.

Before we found out we had Red Star males, we thought the extra packing peanuts were all hens-complementary from the hatchery.
Silly us. They looked like hens until they started showing their red paches, just like you say.
These were the only ones I didn't know since they came from Tractor Supply. I also have Salmon Faverolles, gold-laced wyandottes, and red partridge Welsummers purchased from local farms. And now one Red Star X White Plymouth Rock cross.

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