Need help IDing breed


10 Years
Feb 23, 2009
I need help IDing which breed has black head feathers, white neck feathers and then grey/blue body feathers? I know she is an EE but there still has to be a breed that looks like that. I can identify some of my EEs mixed breedings by just looking at them..Like some of them have welsummer in them and others have game hen in them. I was just wondering if there is a breed with black head and grey body.

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Hopefully someone will come along and give us an idea. I could go search the chicken breed website, there are alot to go through but i could probably find the breed.
The blue color is solid blue with darker blue lacing.

She looks like a faded game hen pattern with a blue hue, slight barring on some feathers, silver hackles and a black head.
There's probably 4 or 5 breeds in that hen.

She's an EE. They are a mix of Ameraucana blood and who-knows-what. They all are mutts and they all look different.
I'm not saying she IS an ameraucana. The OP asked about what breeds made up her EE since they're crosses. I was merely stating that her bird looked like a blue ameraucana.
In my post above I said she was an EE. I wanted to know what breed in her would show up black and grey. I have 2 EE's that are half welsummers...1 EE that is half game hen. This one could be half blue ameraucana. Just wanted to see pictures of pure breed chickens that had that coloring.

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