Need help knowing what class to put these birds in

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    I hope this is the right place to post this...I'm getting the paperwork ready to get my son's 4H birds tested for the fair. There are only 2 classes for the standard size hens and roos..production and large, fancy. We have a Welsummer and an Aracauna (at least thats what i think she is). What class do i put these birds in? Thanks for any help
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    Quote:If, in fact, your birds truely purebred stock and comform to the standard of perfection then they can be shown in the "fancy" class for standard birds. If they are not they wouldn't show very well and could possibly be DQ'ed or dropped a ribbon level. Generally the production class is for chickens that are specifically Production chickens...RIR, Leghorns,ISA's...And usually they are shown as a pair. 2 hens as closely matched as possible, both laying. I would suggest contacting your poultry superintendant or extension educator to ask specific questions for your county as every county can have different rules.
    ....BUT the rule of the day at the 4H level is " Show what You have....and have fun"
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    Thanks so much...our Welsummer does come from good stock so I was pretty confident in putting him in the fancy class. The Aracauna is hatchery stock so I wasn't sure. The problem is that our fair is very small...maybe 20 or so kids showing poultry so they do not have a lot of classes and it makes it difficult for newcomers who do not have a lot of knowledge of poultry. Thanks again
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    Hatcheiries don't have Araucana's no matter what they put down on the paper.They call their green layers Araucana's or Ameraucana's with a variety of spelling options and they are neither they are Easter Eggers which are a cross breed that won't meet the APA of either Araucana or Ameraucana..Unless you happen to have a rumpless tufted beauty(if so send me that hatchery!)
    If it's a small fair they may allow it as fancy like the previous poster said..ask but don't enter it as the wrong breed and give them the opportunity to DQ on that..You can check out the website here Here is the Ameraucana web site which hatcheries also don't sell
    are several threads on here about Easter Eggers and the EE vs Ameraucana

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