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Feb 2, 2011
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One of my day old chicks has all of the sudden laid down and has labored breathing. I'm afraid she's dying. What can I do. They were all fine running around and then I noticed this one laying down. I got her to drink a bit but she's still labored breathing.

She keeps opening and closing her beak......anyone out there or some advice? Please?

OK, trying to get some scrambled eggs down her.....I'm worried she has a bit of shaving stuck in the throat....????????
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Really? I've posted this in two different spots without any response??? Lot's of posts in the last 3 hours but nobody can help? No suggestions? Links? Tips? Really?
The brooder is 98 degrees right under the light but there's lots of room to move out of the hottest spot. She's still lethargic and opening and closing her beak. She does chirp if she's moved otherwise just lays down. I've given her water and some scrambled eggs with a bit of olive oil in case it's shavings dust and she does seem to have trouble when she's swallowing.I've sectioned of the other end of the brooder and put her own light in it. She seemed to be colder then the others even though I had her against my skin in my shirt so I thought she'd do better in the warmer brooder on a towel. Although when I have a hot flash you'd think she'd be getting enough heat and humidity!

I don't know what else to do....but thank you for responding. To top it off I have a lonely late hatcher in the bator that won't stop crying and the half zipped egg from last night is still alive but taking her own sweet it over yet?
Hang in there. Sometimes chicks don't make it because they have something wrong on the inside. There might not be anything you can do about it. For sure, double check your temperature and make sure it isnt too hot. Try to at least get some fluids in, but other than that, I don't know if there is much else you can do. Some folks suggest using paper towels over pine shavings at first so they learn what is really food first. We have been doing that and no issues. I am not saying for sure that is your problem , but you did mention a worry over the pine shavings. Really sorry about your chick. I hope she starts to do better.

Oh, 98 degrees might be a bit too warm. Are the chicks huddled together or spread out? All spread out may mean too hot. I think about 95 degrees is usually recommended and I think ours stays about 90 degrees.

Don;t worry about the half zipped chick, just taking her time to make you bonkers. She should pop out soon. Hope the moral support helps.
Use a syringe and drip tiny drops of room temp water on her beak. And like the others said check the chicks to see if they are huddled or under or away from the light. They will let you know how much heat they need or don't need.
Well, I lost her. I know the temp wasn't a problem because the brooder is large and they have plenty of room to move away from the heat. The temp reading is directly under the light and nobody was hanging in that direct spot but close. It's well vented so they can move "freely about the cabin"
so to speak. And I've raised chicks before in the same situation (just never hatched my own before this...and you probably won't find me doing it again) and these are as smart as the others, move close when they're cold, away when they're warm.

I'd been giving her water through the dropper on and off all day. When I tried to give her the last water she chirped away from it and I knew she was done, she was gone within 10 minutes. I looked her over top to bottom and I just don't see any explanation. I'm just praying it's not contagious.

Now to wait for the town crier in the bator to dry (he hatched this morning but is still wet w/60% humidity?) and the half zip to finish. The bater is starting to stink and I want that poor guy out...well, both of them but this one hasn't stopped crying since he hatched this morning. I need a drink!
I'm sorry. I just seen this. I was going to say put it down or let it go. Seems I am late.

Some chicks just don't make it. It's nature's way. We must remember that. I'm sorry for your loss. Focus on the rest... stay positive.

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