need help my ducks got a wonky tail

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Mar 12, 2018
when he was around 1 month old he got dropped on his back, and then his tail has been bent down ever since , he seemed fine doing well and normal so we didn't have a problem till now. he is now 4months and he has lost feathers in a patch at the end of his tail. there are holes from the feathers and I don't know what to do. what's wrong with him


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In principle, looks more an attack than a parasite. Is alone?

Cats or small dogs with sharp fangs in the area? feathers with blood in the basis floating around?

Use antiseptic on the area, look for strange bodies or gun pellets inside. Not probable but we should discard that. You should be able to feel it with a gentle touch of your fingers (use a glove)
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No blood around or cats, we have found fox dens up the back though. they might have pups? our neighbors dogs have killed our ducks before. also I have been using antiseptic on it. but yeah ill check him. I was just not sure on why his tail is going down. I have seen ducks put their tail down but his is always down. I thought maybe it could be broken or something. but if he is doing fine I thought I don't have to worry to much.
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