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8 Years
Jan 2, 2012
Hi every one this is my first post need help, have recently got 4 new chickens 1 orpington splash 1 light sussex, 1 Plymouth rock and one barnevelder ,its the barny im worried about due she stands or sits in the run on her own or in the chicken coup on her own in the corner not to sure just need advice and it looks like she isn't eating or drinking (she might be but when im watching she isn't) so does anyone have any advice or is she deppressed Can they get depressed?, she did leave 3 other barnevelders at my breeders flock!
thanks Danny:/
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Hi Danny,

I can only guess, if she is otherwise healthy, she can be stressed from the new location. It may take her a while to adjust to new flock mates etc. If you are really worried she isn't eating or drinking, isolate her away from the others and keep an eye on her. Offer her scrambled eggs, or another treat they can't resist and watch what she does.

How old are they?
Is there any possibility that the others are fighting her and keeping her away from the feed and water. How recently did you get these chickens? She may still be in the adjustment stage or she may be coming down with an illness. Hopefully it's just a matter of adjustment.
thanks guy only had them less than a week but just went to check on her and she had a egg with no shell just the yolk and white coming out of her, they are all from the same flock, but it might be just me to egar thanks
so she laid an egg, and it broke inside? That is another issue all together...keep an eye on her and make sure she perks up...
Im afraid she died. Any guesses? too much stress in the move maybe. The others all seem fine
I lost a RSL to the same thing a few weeks ago...cracked egg inside, she passed out the insides of the egg...she was dead in a few hours. Her comb and wattle turned black and she was gone. I think what people suggest on doing, is dunking their back sides in warm water to help them pass the shell.

If I am wrong, please someone correct me. I didn't read any of this till I lost was too late to give it a try.

They are just chickens, but we try to do what we can to ease their suffering...even my hardened cowboy husband won't turn his back on a chicken...but still has no problem putting a bullet through the head of a suffering cow.

Keep an eye out, in the future, for any of your girls acting strange (this is where hanging out with the girls to learn their normal behaviors comes in handy) if they are walking weird, hanging out in coop, just acting lethargic...then you need to do something.

This forum is great with quick responses...just make sure you post it in the right thread to get fast responses....Emergencies get picked up right away if posted correctly. Never hesitate to ask questions, even if YOU think they are silly.

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