Need help on an auction issue!!


11 Years
Aug 15, 2008
Salina, Utah
I've been told by some peeps that want to bid on my auction that they can't bid any higher than $1, and the highest bid is already at $1, so know one is being able to bid. Please help!!!
i bid and it went all good. did they bid 1.25 or did the bid 1.00?

i got this, so a bidder has put X amount of dollars so when the next bidder bids, if it is less then the bidder right now that bidder will be out bid, but if it is more then the bidder right now they will be out bid, and will be the top bidder, if that makes any sense.

I've tried and tried, and still can't get a higher bid. It does--not--show the red lettering on top telling me I've been outbid. I've done this before, never had a problem. I am bidding much higher than the amount showing bid, as of the last bid. It keeps telling me that I need to bid higher than the started bid?????
The person with the current highest bid could actually have placed a much higher proxy bid, which you would have to out bid.

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