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11 Years
Mar 10, 2008
My chicken has a cold she is not doing well, I have had her on sulmet water solution, for 3 days now and she is just not getting better. Her eyes are bubbling and closed. I have wipe them off and put neosprain on them when they were closed when she opens them they are still bubbled. She is breathing heavy, and I'm having to force feeding her. I don't know what else to do and don't want to lose her. I separated her from the other chickens and one other started to get the eye bubbles but got them all on sulmet now and the others are fine.

Can anyone help me.

If you are having to force feed can you give her some egg yolk (raw or cooked)? Also, drops of baby vitamins. Both can help her boost her immune system and get stronger. Good luck.
had a few chickens with bubbles coming from tear ducts and wheezy breathing. Vet put them on Batril and an eye drop, aswell as me giving them Tylan in their water. Tylan injections work well also.Kept them warm and gave warm mash/eggs. Took a little while but all are fine. Hope this helps

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