Need help???? Please :)


Sep 18, 2013
Central West NSW Australia
I bought my first incubator, BUT it doesn't tell me where to put the water or how much?
I am assuming its in the channels in the base, but yet again, doesn't say exactly which channel or how much water lol
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The incubator is for 24 eggs, but am not starting that big. Maybe half a dozen to start with :)

oh ok, I thought I'd bite the bullet and just put enough water in the middle channel :( But I like your idea better :) would that create enough humidity? I have read that you can add too much water which is what I am scared of, only reason why I have been putting it off :(
U want low humidity to start. I just started a new batch my humidity is around 25%. 2-3 days before they hatch u want to try to get it up to around 65%. If u have high humidity too soon you can drown the chicks in the egg. Lesson learned the hard way.
Grrr it says in the booklet "Do not adjust the settings, everything is ready to go" well I had the incubator running all night, only getting up to 29.5c in temp. Turning motor hasn't been running either, so looks like I have no choice but to Adjust settings lol

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