Need Help--- Poopy butts and fatalities~~~ I think I have an idea.....

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Ok I'm a little embarassed to be posting this because I pride myself on the care of my birds. I spend alot keeping the happy and healthy, because I spend alot on them themselves. I've had a terrible couple of weeks and I've been trying to deal with this myself but it doesn't seem to be working. I first noticed I had a white silkie chick that was a little down but nothing much. I didn't think much of it because I just thought it was nature and naturally you will have a fatality here and ther. She didn't show any sign of disease what so ever. Then a week or so later I notice that I have two Silkie juveniles with a bunch of fecal matter around their vent. I immediately put them in isolation as soon as I notice it. They then die. Ok I'm alarmed but I thought I cut it off at the source. They may have picked up a parasite. Then I walk out today and I have 5 dead chicks and an Ameraucana rooster on the other side of the aisle with the same fecal smeared vent.... I'm very concerned! Is it worms? Is it coccidiosis? I don't want to get a bad reputation on here because I posted this. I'm very alarmed.

ok I think it is hair worms brought on by all of our rain. We have seen some of the after math of the Missouri weather and had some other extreme weather making alot of rain lately.
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"Pasty butt" or a blocked vent is fatal. If you see poo blocking the vent, clean it with a warm damp rag or run the bird's bottom under warm (not hot) water and use a rag to gently scrub the poo away. Once the chick is cleaned and dried, use a Q-tip to gently apply olive oil around the vent to help discourage the poo from sticking. You may have to do this several times a day, but it should clear up in a matter of days.

Edit: What makes you think it is worms? Have you seen any worms in the poo?
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I use the term pastey butts not in reference to chicks but adult chickens I'm seeing some fecal build up below the vent and its greenish yellow which is what I've read is a sign of worms. We've also had quite a bit of rain lately and they have access to Earthworms, added to the fact I wasn't aware that chickens needed to be wormed like goats or cows or dogs.
It is my understanding that even adult chickens can get blocked vents like chicks, it just isn't as common. I have no experience treating worms or what to look for to diagnose worms, but if you believe the cause of the blocked vent in your chickens is due to worms, I believe you can treat them with ivermectin.

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