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    Apr 16, 2016
    A neighbor a few houses down from us owned four chickens and although it is well known that a fox frequents our neighborhood, he left all of them out of their coop, in a fenced backyard but unattended for over 12 hours while he went to work. Within the the first hour after he left, three of the four chickens were attacked and killed by this fox. The fox brought them into the front yard which is when several people on our street noticed the carnage. Since we were concerned there may be other chickens at risk, I called law enforcement and animal control but neither said they had the authority to enter his yard. Other neighbors ended up going into his backyard and determined no other chickens were found alive. Nobody had this man's phone number but we had an email address so we tried emailing him without any response.

    Several hours later, another neighbor discovered a chicken in her backyard but was unable to catch the hen so she waited for the owner to return from work. He then came to retrieve the only surviving chicken to escape and took her back to his home. He later told this neighbor that the hen seemed "traumatized" and that her leg was possibly hurt.

    This incident happened last Saturday, April 9th and I know that he still has this hen in his care. She is now without her companions, alone in a coop and most likely has not had her leg examined by a vet.

    Since I do not have his phone number, I emailed him, telling him the importance of giving his hen a new home and that I had found a nearby farm, Broken Shovels, that said they'd be glad to take her in. I even offered to take her myself if he was unable to. He wrote me back only to tell me that he blamed his next door neighbor for admitting to hearing the commotion that morning but not attempting to "scare the fox off" and then proceeded to tell me that it was none of my business, that I must be a narcissist and to not contact him again.

    I can only speculate why this would be his response but nonetheless, the chicken needs a new home and he certainly has lost his right to care for anymore chickens. I fear it may be his plan to adopt more so I am trying to do what I can by enlisting more people in hopes of convincing him to give up this "hobby". He is rarely home from what I can tell and I also know that the previous owners of the home had owned the chickens and included them when they sold him the house last year.

    I am sincerely wanting this hen to placed in a proper home and well cared for. Aside from reporting him to the various animal rescues, which may only cause him to dig his heels in more, I was hoping for suggestions that may help to change his mind or at least make him feel as though it is his choice to give her up.

    Any recommendations, leads, support, or ideas are welcome and greatly appreciated!

    Thank You!
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    Although I agree it is a horrible sight and an awful end for the chickens...... It is his issue and his choice on how he keeps or does not keep his chickens. It is a risk he took and yes he lost when the fox came around.

    I would let it go even though every fiber in my being may be screaming to do something.

    Personally I may have reacted in a similar way to someone telling me how to run my affairs in my own yard.

    Just my 2 cents on the matter.

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    Honestly, he lost most of his hens and you want to take the last one away? I probably wouldn't have taken your suggestion well either.

    No matter if your heart is in the right place, you have no right to interfere in how he raises his chickens.

    Offering to watch the injured hen while he's at work or offering help to trap the fox probably would have been more appreciated, and more neighborly.
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    Jun 25, 2015
    It's definitely an unfortunate incident with his other chickens. Even though your heart's in the right place it wasn't your place to call all over to see who would take his last chicken. I'd be royally ticked off if I just had my flock slaughtered and the only thing that was said to me was you need to give your chicken to me or this farm because it would be better off.

    Did anyone offer this neighbor condolences on his traumatic loss? Has anyone been neighborly and asked him if he would like some help to make his yard more secured? Not everyone has the hundreds of dollars to take a $2 chicken to the vet. That's why a lot of members on here post for help. He may already have had the chickens leg cared for. If he does get more chickens then he knows it's for the benefit of his surviving one to have a flock than be lonely. His absence during the day isn't an issue either if the flock has plenty of food and water, he just needs a more secured run.

    I hope that you'll take the time to go over to him face to face and talk. I'd maybe apologize first for what was emailed and for his loss. Then maybe ask him if he would like some help in fixing his yard for his new chickens. It's up to you but I know that's what all my neighbors would do if that happened around here.
    Best of luck and hope it works out.

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