Need help sexing 15 week old Polish and 11 week old Sultans


15 Years
Mar 15, 2009
I think that all 4 of these are probably male, but will hold onto any hope that anyone can give me that they might not be! We've got two little Sultans that are about 11 weeks old. We had a single Sultan hen last year and she did not have the red "growth" that these two have on their beaks. So I am assuming this is their comb coming in. One clearly has a spikey crest but the other is throwing me off because it looks just like our hen's.

We also have a silver laced Polish and a buff laced Polish. They are a month older-15 weeks. The buff has a huge crest. I have no idea on the sex. The silver laced has a funky crest. It doesn't appear to be spikey and yet it's not altogether rounded either. I can see feathers with a green sheen in the hackles. Doesn't this always indicate male?

Any thoughts?

spikey Sultan

rounded Sultan

buff Polish

silver laced Polish

I added a picture of my GL Polish, the rooster has crazy spikey feathers on his head, hens have a bufontdo (not sure of spelling). yours look like hens. ?
Not sure it helps.

kera! :

I am going with 1 & 4 being boys and the other 2 girls I for sure think the 2 sultan is a hen..

You think the rounded sultan is a girl? That would be so great. I just don't remember any bumps on our other one. Seems like she had a smooth beak...​
So glad you commented on this. We got them from Ideal Poultry and this was supposed to be silver laced. But there's no lacing or silver! Looks almost spangled to me like our Spitzhauben. What in the world? Almost the entire straight run order is male and even several of the "guaranteed" pullets were. One of our frizzled Cochins had 5 toes. One had 4. Interesting! Is it normal for a white polish to have all the black throughout?

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