Need help taming my geese


Mar 2, 2015
Siddha farm, NSW, AUS
hello i just bought 2 adult pilgrim geese and i need help taming them the gander hisses at me
there in the house and apparently i have to leave them in there for 2 weeks before they can graze or they will just fly away and never return
so i need help i want them to like me before the 2 weeks are up
the ones i just bought are the ones in my profile pic
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Mar 5, 2015
Western NY
There is a great, long thread on here about taming/training geese. Unfortunately I am a digital lunkhead and cannot find and link it for you. The gist of it is that you need to establish yourself as top goose and also associate your presence with good things. I would not have a showdown with the gander in the confines of his house. I would, however, stand or sit in a chair calmly in the doorway, toss some yummies like peas or corn on the ground, and wait and talk quietly while the geese decide to take a chance on those treats. Don't try to touch them or approach them at all. Just be large and quiet and toss out goodies. After a couple of days they should be more comfortable with your presence but not so comfortable that they decide to challenge you. Good luck and do try to find that thread!

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