need help to choose locks

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7 Years
Mar 21, 2012
SO my dad got some door slide bolts and insists they're fine. I would think raccoons would be able to open them even if they're tight. He also thinks that their too high up which I think is crazy 'cause raccoons can climb. I would like to get padlocks but my dad flipped for some reason when I insisted on it. I really don't want any chicken casualty's.

Any help is appreciated
we have a slide bolt on our door in the back of the coop. and all is well so far. but i will be honest, the more i read about how crafty the racoons are, the more i have been tempted to put a different lock on the door.
My mother has a coon problem and tried all types of locks. All were eventually opened by coons. She finally put hasp locks with padlocks on them. She has the keys hanging from the locks with wire so it is not inconvenient when trying to open them. This is the only thing that has worked for her.

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