Need help to ID some Banties


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Mar 20, 2008
Reno Nv
Well if the 4 week old Buff Orps weren't enough work, today me and my gf stopped by the feed store and made a total impulse buy. We came home with two turkeys, two khaki campbell ducklings and two banties. I have no idea what breed they are so I thought I'd check with the experts around here.


This is the first one. It's a rusty brownish color that covers almost the entire body.


This one is yellowish with the blackish/grey patch on it's back. Hopefully someone here can id them so she can see what they will be when they grow up.

Oh and maybe someone can tell me why the turkey poults won't stop their constant squeaking.
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I've been looking at pictures on the hatchery websites and you both appear to be right. Thank you so much!
I dont see the brahma in the second one. I can't really see its feet, but if there isn't any feathers brahma is out. Not sure what it is but, I dont think its brahma. I also think the first one is a cochin.

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