Need Help Troubleshooting Late Deaths

Crazy Duck Lover

Mar 21, 2021
Southern United States 🇺🇸
Hey BYC Fam. I have had it in the plans to start a small hatchery and sell fertile eggs online from my duck, but am thinking I need to push that plan back as I am running test batches and crunching numbers. I’ve noticed some things, good and bad:

- Fertility has been 100% 👍
- Air cells have been excellent and growing amazingly 👍
- No deaths up until day 14 👍

- Had 16 alive, growing eggs and am now down to 11 👎
- All deaths have been past day 14 (Around day 18-21) 👎

Notes for you guys:
- Ducks have been producing for a few months now
- They eat Purina Duck Pellets with free access to oyster shells
- Limited treats
- Using Nurture Right 360’s
- Temp 99.5
- Humidity 45%-55%
- Mixed breeds

I looked up some troubleshooting and I got these possibilities:
- Inbreeding
- Improper breeder nutrition
- Power failure (Only for about 10 minutes though)

Could anything else be causing these late deaths? If it is breeder nutrition, what could they be short on? What should I give them? That would be the first adjustment I’d want to make, and if it turns out not to be that, then i’m not sure what to do.

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