Need help with 2 sick roosters

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    Jul 28, 2011
    I have two roosters that have been confined to large poultry cages because they caused some of the hens to lose their feathers on their backs and injured them, while trying to breed them. They have been in these cages for a couple of months. I was spraying out the cages with water, when I noticed the butt on the Rhode Island Red, looked really bad. It looked like he might have been "stopped up" and then I realized that might be the reason he hadn't been eating. His butt was very red (the whole thing). I sprayed him off with the hose and then he seemed to start eating a little. Tonight, I noticed the barred rock rooster, seemed to have the very same thing, only he has been eating. I also noticed that the barred rock rooster looked like he was losing feathers on his legs. Both have been crowing a lot. Neither seemed to have abnormal stools, but I don't really know. Is this a disease? Can this be cured? Are they stopped up because of the poop on their butts, or is it something else. I live in upstate New York. It's been hot here, but not all the time. Sometimes humid, but sometimes dry too. I am beside myself and if we can't figure this out quickly, my husband will dispatch both. Help anyone!

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