Need help with a Delaware chicken almost 1 year old.


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Jul 27, 2009
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I have a Delaware hen that is almost 1 year old (March 16 to be exact). I have noticed over the past few weeks that my roosters have really like her a bit more than they should. She has her neck feather are quite shorter than they should be, and was starting to miss some feathers on her bum area. Well on Saturday I brought her into the garage and place her in a big dog kennel. Gave her her own food and water with vitamins/electrolytes in water. She has no feathers on her bumm area and it is rather firm and red. She is eating and drinking and pooping normally. I have her in a dark area in the garage with no drafts and away from any predators. She has not laid an egg since I brought her inside, but I don't know if she is eggbound or just sore and inflammed from the over zealous roosters. The vent area seems soft it is below the vent area that is firmer. She is walking and acting normal.

Is it possible that she could be egg bound? Would she still be eating and pooping normally if that is what it is?

Please help!

I don't know how to put pictures on here, I have tried and can't do it.
My first guess would be stress... you changed her enviorment. If she was egg bound I'd say you'd already be in trouble. Stress can and does stop laying.
Thank you Chillin with my peeps.

I thought so to, but went to my local feed store on Saturday and he didn't seem to think it was eggbound issues either. Gosh I hope not. I do however love to have my girl so close, she is getting spoiled more than ever. She is getting lots of needed TLC and lots of nutritous treats.

Thanks again!!
I agree with tnchickenut. I believe your roos worked her over too much. As long as she's eating,drinking and pooping normal; you dont have any worries, just give her time to heal. You might want to purchase a chicken saddle for her, it might help.
"I have her in a dark area"

This by itself will cause most but not all laying chickens to slow down or stop laying. The reason a warm dark area is recommended for sick or hurt chickens is to reduce the drain on the chicken caused by laying while she recovers.

I have two in hospital that will shortly be joining their flock mates and I brought the light levels back to normal for them a couple of weeks ago and they both have started laying regularly again.

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