need help with aggressive rooster!

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5 Years
Apr 14, 2014
well, it all began with one rooster, i got my barred rock rooster when it was about 6 months old, then i bought a jersey giant (hen) which one day surprised me when my hen began to grow a comb and start to crow! the jersey giant is very gentle, it never bites me when i reach in to grab its water container or change its food, while on the other hand, the barred rock is a demon rooster, biting me on every opportunity it gets, now these two roosters have been living together in close quarters for about 6 months now and i never see them fight, (thank god) but i just purchased 6 buff orpington chicks and i am in the progress of finishing up my new coop
but i fear my barred rock hurting my hens when i put them together! I've raised hogs, cattle, and horses but i'm new to the whole chicken deal, should i get rid of the barred rock or what? i hope the barred rock and jersey giant don't start fighting when females are brought into the deal and i also don't want the barred rock killing one of my hens! any suggestions?

thank you very much

Aggression is hereditary. Using him as a breeder will lead to a lot of trouble later on. It's not very good to pass em' on to someone else. Just put em' in the pot, an instant cure.

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