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We rehomed some hobo chickens, so I suspect they are all mix breed ... the hens lay pink and blue eggs - but I'm unsure if the roosters have anything to do with their genetic line.

I figured out with research that our barred Roo is a black sex link Rooster, so I assumed the other little roo might be a sex link/ cross breed too ... I have done as much research and googling as I can but have come up trumps ... Please are there any breed experts out there that might know what genetic traits this bird has that might point to it's breed?
His white tail feathers and yellow lobes, with the light pattern on his breast have me confused.

Possibly there are other accepted breed varriations in New Zealand compared to America? ...

This is Rufus:

Rufus with his girls:

I can try to get side photos too if it's not obvious enough.

Thanks a bunch.
I have no idea about breeds in New Zealand, but he looks like he could be a cross between a brown or red leghorn and some laced breed, perhaps a Sebright. Is he bantam or large fowl?
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yeah that makes sense ... I was sort of thinking Leghorn x wyandotte ... the closest picture I can find that looks like him is a red laced blue wyandotte, even then he's not exactly similar, which still makes me think xbred.

He is small. Our Black sex link, Sylvester, is alot larger than him - so Bantam?

hmm ... I will try to get some better side on photos of rufus today.

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Does anybody know about gold sex links, - do you think Rufus could be a cinnamon rooster (wyandotte x New Hampshire) or a golden Comet (White Plymouth rock x New Hampshire) ? I can't find many photos of the roosters online.

Rufus sideon:

Does anyone know if Rufus could be a golden comet sexlink rooster maybe? I can't find any pics of cinnamon sexlink roosters ...

Golden comet - White plymouth rock x New Hampshire Red)

Cinnamon Queen - (Wyandotte x New Hampshire Red)

If anyone has pictures of these roosters, I'd be really interested to see them. I assume the roosters of these breeds end up in the pot?

He can not be Sex Link Rooster becouse of his white (yelow) earlobes. Probably he is second or third generation Leghorn cross.
What an interesting bird. I would suspect that someone tried to breed Red SLs (their genetics go wacky in the second generation). You can use a Red roo over a silver laced hen to get your first generation of Red SLs. If you continued to breed them, the lacing would definitely show up again willy nilly.

The earlobes are a stumper though, I think more crossing is at work.

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