Need help with chicken sitting on eggs. Should hatch soon

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  1. Hi y’all. I need helpful information.
    So on March 30th my silver sebright starting nesting on 6-7 eggs. Now we are coming up on hatching time, though we didn’t do any candling or anything. Just let nature take its course. We kept removing unmarked eggs as they kept adding to her nest. No one has hatched yet and I am expecting them to anytime. What should I do next??? Put up a barrier in the coop to keep the other hens away from them ? Put a heat lamp in there for them???? Take them from her and bring them inside as it is getting cold out there?? Please reply. Thanks
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    Hi there! Let me get this straight, you put eggs under from March 30th that haven’t hatched? They should have hatched around May 21st. Can you please explain your situation more? Thanks
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    I think you mean... September 30th. If it was March I have some bad news about your eggs...! XD

    I would isolate the hen and chicks with a see-don't touch barrier (like chicken wire) for a day or two just to be safe but mama should do most of the work for you. You don't need heat, mom's there for that and if she's a good mom she'll keep them safe from the rest of the flock.
    To make sure they grow up big and strong make sure they're getting a flock raiser or chick starter feed. Unmedicated this is safe to feed the whole flock as long as there's calcium on the side.
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    Sep 1, 2017
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    Are they chicken eggs? (Or elephant eggs? ) lol. I assume that March is a typo?
    Just follow the advise from @ChocolateMouse and everyone should be fine. I feed all of mine flock raiser with oyster shell on the side all year round.
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  6. Whoops. So sorry. I have been sick this week and dates are wrong. September30/October 1. This fever has me thinking all wonky. Lol.
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  7. Yes thank you. Sept 30/oct 1
  8. P
    wish I could edit original thread.
    So they are chicken eggs not elephant or eggs. She started sitting on them Sept 30/Oct 1.
    Please forgive my errors.
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    No worries thanks for letting us know hahahah!
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    I only put a barrier up until mom gets of the nest with her chicks, She will keep them plenty warm and teach em how to be a chicken, though she will terrify your flock if they don't respect her boundaries.

    Mom does all the work and not much you will be able to do. Don't worry I had a crazy broody sneak in one end of November last year they hatched with snow on the ground and temps not getting above freezing often. and they did fine.

    She will integrate them into the flock without you intervening and will usually wean them between 3 and 6 weeks old by time they are feathered out enough and already integrated they get to sleep in the coop with the others.
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