Need help with duckling still attached to afterbirth


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Apr 26, 2021
Upstate South Carolina
This duckling pipped on the wrong end and after a long time with no progress, I assisted it out of the shell. The membrane was stuck to it in a few places and it was very sticky. It's perking up after a few hours' rest but the umbilical cord is still attached. Can I do something about it or should I just wait it out? It looks bloody but it's drying out.


Have you done anything with it? I'd cut it about an inch from the umbilicus and coat with an antibiotic ointment.
It dried out enough that it easily broke off, so at least the baby isn't dragging the shell around with her anymore. I'll see if we have any antibiotic ointment for it. I hope it falls off completely by tomorrow, because she has dried membrane stuck to her and needs a warm bath before the brooder. Thanks!

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