Need help with first day of resperatory issues. Sneezing, runny nose..

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    I got a crested bearded Polish pullet from a swap yesterday along with 4 other hens. I was very careful to listen to all of the birds breathing when I bought them. She did not have any hint of a respiratory condition yesterday. I would have heard this for sure. It was a long trip, so everyone stayed in their cages with vitamins/electrolytes in their waters and then antibiotic powder as a preventative after we got home until last night right before sunset. I spent some time out in the coop with everyone last night when I let them out and no one even sneezed once or acted odd in any way. Today, she was sneezing and when I picked her up, she had a snotty nose. Not extreme, but it was wet and had some boogers. I have brought her inside the house and she has antibiotic water and chicken noodle soup with scrambled eggs, chick feed and some of the antibiotic sprinkled in with it. (she keeps knocking her water over so she might not get enough that way.) I gave her a warm bath with soothing vapors baby wash to help with her congestion and blow dried her.
    It was cold and she was a little wet from her water dish yesterday morning when I brought her home. This may have brought it on, but Im not sure. I have put some antibiotic powder in the main water she was using yesterday as a preventative for everyone else who is not showing any signs right now. There is no rattling, just sneezing, runny nose which is no longer obvious since the bath so it is not constantly running, and a chest congestion sound. She was walking around earlier, but has gone into her cage. I had to trim her crest and her beard because she couldn't see. She is kind of thin(IMO.) This could be because she couldn't see almost at all. After I trimmed her, she went after her food and water like crazy. She is also only a few months old.
    What else should I do for her or anyone else that develops these symptoms?
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