Need help with gender of this Polish chick.


6 Years
Apr 8, 2013

This is Boomer the Polish. He reminds me of the woodpecker from Fox & the Hound movie. So he got the woodpeckers name, Boomer. Anyways, i'm not sure if its a roo or pullet, and i know they are hard to tell, but could anyone tell me what gender Boomer is?
Im thinking pullet because the crest looks quite rounded, however a photo from the side would help. How old is Boomer?
I'll try to post a side shot picture when I get home, but Boomer is about 8 weeks old or so.
twolowinski - the beard is just a variable it doesn't really determine sex. You can get bearded or none-bearded varieties. I am still leaning towards girl but it is still quite young, a side photo would help to see how feather are developing :)
I've just started hatching this breed--I had no idea how difficult they were to sex!! If your bird is over 8 weeks old and has no redness in the face and no definite wattles showing, you may have a pullet there!! Congrats, out of 6, I got 4-5 cockerels!! (1 is still undetermined)!!!

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