need help with hatching ringneck and melanistic chicks

Discussion in 'Pheasants and Partridge (Chukar)' started by Doodle_Doo, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Oct 10, 2009
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    I have 24 pheasant eggs fresh off the turner on their 21 day today I was told it takes 24 total 21 turning..what should be the best humidity and heat for them? I have only hatched chickens no idea on pheasants..also will these two breeds be able to co-excist together? And live ok around my chickens? I have sumatras,yokohamas, phoenix, and saipans..will there be any trouble? I also don't know if they are regular ringneck and melanistic or jumbo breed..are there big differences between normal and jumbo?
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  2. chrisarvor

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    Feb 7, 2010
    just like chickens ,stop turning for 3 days before hatch date and the humidity has to be 80%
    Not sure about the pheasants living together as i think they will cross breed
    As for living with chickens i dont know but most people do but there is risk of infection from the chickens

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