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    I have been reading the posts but there is so much info I'm trying to do the right thing. I have a hen who has been sad lately, thought it might be because her BFF died and she is lowest on the pole. She is a 3 year old Hampshire Red. She got really overheated in the heat wave this week. We got her cooled down and I thought she was tired. I looked under her wings and found some of those reddish brown mites. I grabbed some wood ash and rubbed her down. Found my Poultry Dust with Permectin and treated her with that as well. She isn't eating from the feeder but she is picking in the yard and I have seen her eating some worms. She did eat some mash and tomatoes from me. I mix her mash with yogurt, ACV, molasses, aloe vera juice and water. Everyone has water with the ACV, molasses and aloe vera along with electrolytes. Is there anything else I should be doing for her? Do I need to treat her with Duramycin or Ivermectin? I'm going to clean the coop and put in DE. The dust bath has the Poultry Dust but she doesn't bathe. When should I treat her again? She just seems horribly sad and I worry about her.


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    My chickens have leg mites. So I cleaned the coop from top to bottom, sprayed with poultry protector stuff, dusted with Permithrin, coop, ground where they lay and them. After all of this, I called a vet in town (the only bird vet I could find in St. Louis.) He said that to get rid of mites you need the Ivermectin. I had Heartguard at home for the dogs (0-25 lbs) I took little crumbles and fed about 4-5 to each bird. They lived through the nite so I guess I didnt poison them.
    Good Luck
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    Put some Sevin Dust in the feathers and in the nesting boxes/coops/etc.
    It helps with lice and mites.

    Good Luck! Keep us updated.

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