Need help with peachick hatchling

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    Our peahen has been sitting on 6 eggs. We went to check on her yesterday and saw 2 chicks. Both seemed to be doing well. Today I saw a third chick. Mom was off the nest teaching the chicks to eat. The first 2 were doing well but the third was wobbling, wings down. It laid down on the side of the pen and finally mom went and covered it. She eventually went back to the nest with all three. I kept checking on them and didn't see any of them out from under mom. About an hour ago I went to check on them and mom and chicks were back out running around the pen eating. The third chick was in the nest, breathing hard. On a closer look we could see that the left eye was closed and covered in crusty dirt. It appeared to be weak and cold. We managed to get the chick out of the pen and I now have it in my hatcher with guinea hatchlings and eggs.

    What should I do? It has seemed to have fluffed up since being in the hatcher but it seems weak. It is mostly laying down but has gotten up a couple of times for a few seconds then back down.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to do what ever I can to give it a fighting chance.
  2. Not much to do but keep it warm. If it gets up show it some water. If you can get some sugar water and maybe scrambled egg in it, it would help.
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    You can give it electrolyte water, like unflavored pedialyte (found with baby stuff at most "everything" stores like walmart). If the eye is still crusty you can clean it with warm water and a soft cloth. If you have chick starter, you can wet it with warm water until it's mush and see if it will take any from your fingers. If not, you can hard boil egg yolks and mash/water them down (with pedialyte if you have it) without the whites, and that can be given with a syringe slowly.

    Best of luck!

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