Need help with Pekin drake


Aug 7, 2016
Hi I have three pekin ducks, two boys and a girl. I got a girl and boy about 5 months ago. The girl has just started laying. My other Pekin drake Fluffy has been extremely aggressive. He is turning 5 this year and has been attacking the other boy, me and sometimes the girl. At around every spring he would be a little crazy but this time he's gone to another level.

The other boy has never bit me and he is so soft he never hurts anyone but Fluffy does.

How can I stop him from attacking both me and the other two ducks? I really don't want to separate them because when he isn't fighting they are best friends and follow him everywhere.

Temporary separation - where they can still see each other - is probably the next step. Hormones can make drakes harm others, and the duck keepers (humans) need to protect all members of the flock.

Sometimes just that intervention can reset the flock dynamic. But with two drakes and one duck, I would say her health and perhaps her very life are in danger, especially during mating season.

Is there some way you can also add enrichment activities to their day?
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The thing is whenever he is separated from them they would do anything to regroup with each other, they are so attached together. They also find ways through the fence and bushes and constantly get around so i don't think separating them will work. Also he is mainly the only one who mates with the girl. I have not seen the other drake mate with her.

What do you mean by enrichment activities?

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