Need HELP with possibly re-homing 5 beautiful male ducks....

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5 Years
Jun 5, 2014
I purchased 5 ducks last easter with the intention on raising them. Turns out I have 5 MALES, I dont know how that happened. They are six months old now, and they are all very calm and seem very happy.

I built them a house and they have free range during the day. They get peas every night at bed time.

I absolutely love them.
They were all called pekin when I purchased them..but I think I have 1 Magpie 1 Alcona 1 Appleyard mix, and 2 white pekin.

Here is my problem...
I am heart broken, because two of them (the 2 white Pekins) are developing bumble foot. It is very mild case at the moment...a couple small bumps/lumps...I have tried to treat them with the recommended spray and bandage method....but this is next to impossible to accomplish alone. My Husband left for Afghanistan and I am taking care of everything on my own. I am so scared they are going to get worse and I will loose them.

Also at night one of them is being picked on. every morning he looks worse. So I started separating him inside a dog cage, but still leaving him in the coop with the others , so not to get lonely. This is helping, but it is a task to do this every night.

I will be leaving the country in March and I have no idea who I could get to take PROPER care of them while I am gone for a month.

So in all, I feel like with no females for them to mate with and the arising issues, I am not equipped to take care of them. This is actually breaking my heart...because I have raised them from 2 days old and I am very fond of them.

I just need help in finding out how to go about finding them a good home.

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Maybe a flyer at a feed store or pet store, or kijiji or something like that advertising them as pets. Or perhaps a breeder would like them, maybe even trade you for hens? Good luck.there is some great info on bumble foot here as you probably know, if you can it would be best if they heal before you re-home them.
Good luck.
A last resort if they start to fight, is alway meat.... I'm sure that's not what you where going for though.

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