Need help with sick chicken; not able to stand and falls forward!


9 Years
Aug 11, 2011
Hello! I have an 8 year old speckled sussex hen that I am having issues with. I have had multiple illnesses over the years with chickens but am unable to figure this one out. I pulled her and isolated her from the rest of the chickens because she was not roosting and was laying around a lot and seemed weak. She has been in her own pen for a a few weeks now and is gradually getting worse. At first she was eating and drinking fine but still just seemed weak. I have checked her over multiple times and have not seen any signs of lice or mites or any type of external problems. The only thing I have noticed is that her skin is very dry and flaky. She constantly preens her chest.

She has been alert and her comb is a good color but she has now progressed to the stage where she is not eating (drinking only if I put it in front of her) and has not had any poo for several days. She often lays on her side and can't get up on her own. I took her out of her cage this morning and set her on the ground and she stands but then falls flat on her face and chest. There is no paralysis, her legs and wings work but she just takes a nose dive everytime I set her on the ground. She is still fairly alert but I am totally perplexed as to what could be wrong. She lays in her pen for hours with no movement. Sometimes breathing is rapid but most of the time seems normal.

Does anyone have any idea what this might be? She is an older hen and may just be suffering from internal issues but would like to know if there is more I could do to help before having to possibly cull her.
i hope you get answers soon . Please let use know whats going on . I too have never heard of this before. So sorry 😞 i hope you found answers.
No improvement as of today. I have tried poultry nutri drench and poultry cell but she is the same as she was. Eats and drinks if I put it right in front of her. And still flops onto her nose if I stand her up. Her wings and legs work, but she basically pushes herself around on her wings and feet. Wish someone out there has dealt with this before and can help!

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